LearnEX – A Learning & Hiring Solution 2.0

Our first social media advertisement showcasing our product LearnEX – The Learning Index, a Learning & Hiring Solution 2.0: 

  •  Training the candidates on real life concept not only on the “What” but also on the “How” of the concept.

  • Through LearnEX we solve the problem of “Standardisation” of training content delivery & product

  • Ensuring a Faster Execution of the training program across all locations of the company

  • To Increase the effectiveness of the training we believe the team’s supervisor involvement is important & hence LearnEX has integrated various supervisory intervention in to its training platform.

  • Innovative & effective training tools & methodology is the moat that LearnEX creates On top of it every corporate will have “Customised” LearnEX from start till the end as if it’s their own Learning Platform.

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